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G'day, welcome to, my site for recording VK6NK's adventured in amateur radio.

The site is very sparse at the moment; I've only been licensed since October 2013 and really haven't had much opportunity to put any content up.

In March 2015 I upgraded to an Advanced license and received a new call-sign, hence the change from VK6NAK.

Hopefully as I find some free time, and start doing interesting things with radios I'll be able to fill out the pages more.

About Me

My name is Adrian and I live in the Eastern suburbs of Perth, in Western Australia. My day-job is an engineer at Motorola Solutions, mainly working on P25 radio networks. My technical background has been focused on Linux and networking, however I'm quickly becoming experienced in the technical side of radio communications.

Aside from amateur radio, my other hobby is volunteer fire fighting. I have been with Sawyers Valley Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade since 2005 and currently hold the rank of Lieutenant. Aside from operational fire fighting duties, I look after the brigade's technical and communications systems.


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