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John Moyle Field Day 2015

Notes for the participation in the 2015 JMFD, from Sawyers Valley Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade station.

Target Bands

Primary bands:

  • 2m
  • 10m
  • 20m
  • 40m

Other bands to consider:

  • 70cm
  • 15m
  • 80m


Primary Radios:

Radio Owner Bands Modes Power Supply Notes
IC-706MKIIG VK6NAK 160m-70cm All Mode 12VDC
RX: 1.8A
TX: 20A
IC-718 VK6WK 160m-10m SSB 12VDC
RX: 1.3A
TX: 20A
SRM9200 VK6NAK 2m FM 12VDC Mounted in car, remote head

Other Radios to consider:

Radio Owner Bands Modes Power Supply Notes
X1M VK6NAK 80m-10cm SSB 12VDC
RX: 0.35A
TX: 1.2A
IC-720A VK6NAK 160m-10m SSB 12VDC
RX: 0.9A
TX: 20A
TYT TH-UVF9 VK6NAK 2m/70cm FM Battery HH, 5W TX
RTL SDR Receiver VK6NAK DC-Daylight All-mode Laptop Able to monitor an entire band
May require additional shielding around up-converter
Will need antenna to suit


Primary Antennas

Antenna Band Notes
Fishing-rod Dipole 10/15/20m Directional
Requires disassembly to change band
No tuner required
Loaded Vertical 10/20m Minimal ground plan
Needs adapting for 10m
Random Long-wire 80-10m Uses Codan manual tuner
Needs good earth for performance
Ideally thrown up tree
Dipole / Inverted V 40m Simple build
Thrown up tree, high as possible
End-fed dipole 2m Already mounted on car

Other Antennas to consider:

Antenna Band Notes
Station folded dipoles 2m/70cm
Yagis 2m Need mounting somehow
Yagis in vk6wk's shed various Need poles and guys

Power Supplies

The current draw will be up to 40A if both radios are TXing concurrently. This doesn't include powering other systems, such as laptops. It may be worth running the 706 and 718 at lower TX power and ramping up to full power if the QSO requires it.

Both Icoms use the same 6 pin power connector. Power leads (with fuses) should be constructed to allow for a quick setup on the day.

Power Source Size Notes
Station batteries 12V heavy condition is unknown; may contravene field day rules?
Bobcat batteries 2x6V large condition is unknown
Wheelchair battery 12V 74Ah condition is unknown, takes a charge
UPS battery 12V 12Ah condition is unknown, taking a charge
Brigade generator 240V large use via batteries to smooth supply if needed
vk6wk's generator 4kVA sinusoidal use if necessary
Vehicle (Light Tanker?) for charging


Bands Type Notes
any RG213/U12V heavy ex shed stock, N Type fittings, various lengths; need adaptors


JMFD rules state that multi-operator stations much maintain a separate log for each band. This implies a separate laptop for each radio, although paper-logging could be utilised for low volume bands (2m?).

VKCL should be used for recording logs entries where possible. It can be downloaded from


Other Notes

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