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20m roof antenna

Antenna Page

  • Replace top sections with 2.7m stainless steel whip
    • Double hose-clamp at top, single at bottom.
    • Bonding wire
  • Tune
  • Weather proof feed point
  • Replace feeder with RG213
    • Radio connection
    • Antenna connection
  • Decommission antenna

Long Wire

Antenna Page

  • Install ATU
    • SGC-230
    • Install 12V power for ATU
    • Improve earth at ATU
  • Install 5500mm pole
  • Install 3000mm pole
    • Foxtel dish mount
    • Insulated pole
  • Install wire between poles

Active Receive Antenna

Antenna Page

  • Pre-amp
  • Rotator

Misc antenna work

  • Connect new GPS antenna
  • Re-locate microwave antenna
  • Move weather station on TV antenna pole
    • Move temp sensor to bottom of pole


  • Invert PPT from RTS
  • Mount for quick removal / reconnection
  • Fake tuner plugin


  • Replace power connector with Anderson connectors
  • Fix 80m TX power


  • Connect memory backup supply to constant 12V study supply
  • Connect main 12V supply to high-current PSU
    • Make double-adaptor anderson plug
  • Earth lead
  • Frequency alignment
  • External speaker
  • Compare RX sensitivity to IC-706 using R2000
  • Audio connections for computer
    • Possibly use Dad's RigBlaster
  • Install relay-replacement mod
  • Setup panadaptor port and connect RTL-SDR receiver
    • Enable IF output through jumper settings
    • Measure output voltage of IF
      • Attempted with oscilloscope - no signal recorded
      • Try again with R2000 as signal source
    • Build attenuator to match signal down to RTL level

Car Radios

  • Install fuse block
  • Mount speaker
  • Test/Fix speaker connections
  • Hands-free
    • Microphone
    • Pre-amp (champ pre-amp?)
    • PTT switch

CB Radios

  • VOX option on hand-helds
  • Ping
    • Short press on hand-helds
  • Ring
    • Long press on hand-helds
    • Indefinite retry on mobiles
  • Add ESA and ESB to mobiles

Portable Kit


  • New coax incorporating balun/choke


  • Repair power connection on medium length RG213
  • Cut 30m wire to non-resonant length
  • Add wire to fishing pole
  • Add extension wire to fishing pole


  • Clean up!
  • IKEA shelves next to desk for PC, PSU, Server, etc
  • Construct monitor stand and install radios
  • Bookshelf
  • Echo dampening (framed posters/shelves?)
  • Install new network ports
    • Install new power points
    • Improve DC distribution
  • Relocate printers (stacking shelves?)


  • Clean up bench
  • Clean up cupboard
  • Setup bench supply
  • Buy new soldering station
  • Organise cables
    • Move most cables into roof space
  • UPS for router and switch
  • Complete data cabling from study
  • Throw out paint
  • Find better storage for bench saw
  • Build lean-to beside garage for bikes/tools
  • Repair manhole cover
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